African real estate development projects

The percentage of Africans living in urban areas has doubled from 19% to 39% in the last 50 years. According to UN projections, 50% of Africa’s population will live in cities by 2035. This state of urbanisation has increased the need for high-quality retail, industrial and commercial developments, which is where our property development experts enter.

RMB Westport has successfully completed real estate development projects in Nigeria and Ghana and we are eagerly anticipating the completion of a number of other developments in these two countries as well as in Angola and Côte d’Ivoire.

Developing sustainable solutions

Each project that we embark on is structured around the needs of our clients – offering them optimal advantage in the ideal location. We stand by the promise of always delivering projects on time and to budget. This is made possible with the expert attention and innovative approach of our property development and financial structuring teams.

As communities grow, so do their needs. RMB Westport fulfills these needs by developing high-grade offices, shopping centres, warehousing and logistics centres. We add value to our clients’ developments through:

  • Prime locations that are strategic, convenient and visible
  • Optimising tenant mixes
  • High-grade finishes
  • Eco-friendly designs
  • World-class facilities
  • Energy-efficient buildings
  • Top security features
  • Intelligent spaces

Do you want to explore property developing opportunities in Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria? Get in touch