We support FirstRand’s belief that government and business should collaborate to embrace a philosophy of shared value and driving a common agenda of inclusive, sustainable growth.

The Group strives to improve the macro environment and redress investment imbalances by:

  • Financing development infrastructure, affordable housing, agriculture and cost-efficient and innovative access to financial services to previously disadvantaged people in remote locations
  • Recruiting and promoting a disproportionately large number of black individuals and expose them to an empowered and diverse environment
  • Procuring from BEE-rated companies with a specific special focus on procuring from black-owned and black women-owned entities
  • Financing small black businesses and mentoring such owners through enterprise development initiatives

FirstRand has transferred significant ownership of the company to black partners. FirstRand’s direct black ownership is 37% and black women ownership 16.4%. The Group continues to facilitate the financing of ownership transfer of other companies through BEE transactions through RMB. Over the past decade, RMB has been known as one of the leaders in both financing and advising on BEE deals.

RMB is a leading African Corporate and Investment Bank.