At RMB we believe that through good business we can create a better world. Business plays an integral part in society and is therefore key to finding and funding solutions to society’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

While some view Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives as a way to donate to society, we see a much bigger picture. CSI is just one avenue in which we are finding innovative ways to solve problems, creating sustainable opportunities and inspiring change in the societies in which we operate.

Being part of the FirstRand Group gives us the opportunity to leverage capabilities, expertise and offerings from all our subsidiaries through catalytic investments in education, training and skills development. We promote good citizenship beyond CSI, or 1% Net Profit After Tax, to grow opportunities for innovative partnerships beyond business as usual.

As an ethical corporate citizen we are committed to doing more. We believe in the power of partnerships. We work closely with government, the business community, philanthropists and society on a number of initiatives. We believe that the most successful approaches to making a difference are integrated initiatives where people and businesses collaborate, partner and engage for the greater good.

Today, more than ever, people and businesses in South Africa and across the world want to get involved in the communities businesses operate in.

Would you like to make a difference in the Green and Creative Economies?


The FirstRand Foundation

The FirstRand Foundation is one of the largest corporate donors in South Africa, and a leader in CSI in the financial services sector.

Established in 1998 as a stand-alone legal entity, the Foundation has invested more than ZAR1.5-bn in CSI projects, enriching and uplifting the lives of many thousands of people across South Africa.

The Foundation itself provides substantial multi-year grants to key partner organisations that fall within four general focus areas: Education; Community strengthening; Social development and Strategic programmes. These grants are supported by the FNB Fund, RMB Fund and WesBank Fund programmes.

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