About the team

Your African real estate development partners

Africa is in a state of expansion, currently growing at a rapid rate due to urbanisation. The team at RMB Westport has been using this growth in sub-Saharan Africa to launch a range of real estate developments aimed at improving the lifestyle and amenities available to communities in Nigeria, Ghana and Angola. This development requires a number of specialist skills as well as innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, all vital elements that our team members bring to each project.

There are unique challenges that come with conducting business in Africa. However, with the above-mentioned skills, years of experience and a knack for building strong in-country relationships, our team manages to rise swiftly above each challenge. Each member has a specialist focus, which assists us in managing the business, our assets and delivering successful projects. We have chartered accountants, lawyers, property financiers, dealmakers, quantity surveyors, property developers and architects as well as in-depth skills in the following key areas:

  • Real estate development and management
  • Innovative financial structuring
  • Adherence to time constraints
  • Sub-sector specialisation
  • Asset value management
  • Risk management
  • Experience in jurisdictions in Africa
  • Multi-disciplinary expertise

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