• Simon Fifield

  • Founding Member
  • BSc Survey
  • MSc Survey
  • CFA Charterholder

  • Experience: 14 years

  • Focus area: Strategy, Capital Raising, Exits

Simon Fifield

Founding member, Chief Executive Officer

Simon Fifield (CFA Charterholder) is one of the RMB Westport founders, along with Michael O’Malley and Dale Ramsden, with a firm focus on strategy, capital raising and exits.

Before joining RMB, Simon worked as a land surveyor and engineer in various locations, both in South Africa and the United Kingdom. He has been a member of the FirstRand Bank Property Finance Credit Committee, the IBD Investment Committee as well as the RMB Westport Investment Committee.

Joining RMB

His experience with RMB began in 2002 when he joined the company. In those early years, he spent time in both the Private Equity and Treasury divisions, before assuming a deal-making role in the Structured Finance Division, now incorporated into the Investment Banking Division (IBD). Throughout this time, his focus has always been on real estate.

Simon has both led and been a member of various teams that have completed successful investments across the capital structure on a number of real estate transactions. He was appointed RMB’s Head of Real Estate Investment Banking in 2007 before playing a pivotal role in establishing RMB Westport in 2008. In 2015 Simon joined RMB Westport on a full-time basis as our Chief Executive Officer.