About us

Building prosperity in Africa

On a piece of land that is three times the size of the United States, 1.2 billion people call Africa home. Rich in natural resources and minerals, Africa has always been an attractive destination for tourism, and now with increasing political stability, certain countries are displaying some of the fastest growing economies in the developing world.

As a real estate investment management and development firm, RMB Westport has recognised this potential in Africa. We have started creating opportunistic value-added real estate developments that are serving to change the African skyline in populous cities, with our focus on high-yield jurisdictions within sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria, Ghana and Angola all display a collection of modern shopping centres and office blocks (in various stages of completion) that have been developed by RMB Westport.

We believe in the African growth story and it’s for this reason that we choose to pursue our development projects on the continent.

RMB Westport’s development history in Africa

In 2008, RMB Westport came into being when Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) entered into a joint venture with the Westport Property Group. The thinking behind this union was to combine Westport Property Group’s development expertise with the investment and structuring expertise of RMB in order to embark on large-scale construction, development and maintenance projects in key areas.

This is exactly what came to be.

Since then, we have been building prosperity in sub-Saharan Africa with our retail and commercial projects, maintaining a specific focus on Nigeria, Ghana and Angola. Our team today is a committed group of professionals with exceptional skills in various areas of real estate development and financial structuring.

Join us on this exciting journey as we work together to change the African skyline with high-grade real estate developments.